Hi, I'm Paige!

A bit about my work.....

I create branding photography - images that communicate who you are, where you live & work, who the people are in your life and what you have to offer your clients. 

I give these layers a visual presence. Your audience can then understand who's behind your business, begin to relate and identify with you as a person & brand, and ultimately trust you enough to begin a working relationship.

I connect you with your audience so you can do what you do best.

“If people like you they'll listen to you, but if they trust you they'll do business with you.” ― Zig Ziglar


A bit about me ....

I'm a warm weather native (Florida), now living in the land of Nor'Easters, yet my preference is to still be barefoot in shorts, as often as possible. I will however put on a blazer when necessary.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs - marine towing, pharmacy, software coding and architecture to name a few. I have tremendous respect for hard work, and simultaneously believe in worker smarter, not harder...and always having a sense of humor. I'm forever curious, love learning and am always looking for the next growth opportunity in myself, life and business. 

Photographer is one of my roles, the others are wife and mom. My gigantic 13 year old eats everything in sight, is already taller than me, and has a quiet, modest confidence that I wish I'd had at his age. My 11 year old son looked like my grandmother when he was born, and though they never met, his thoughtfulness reminds me of her every day. I'm incredibly grateful for my family, but I still wish they were neat freaks.

I also have a smelly Goldendoodle who's obsessed with underwater rock diving. I sometimes make her wear doggles (a.k.a. dog goggles) for my own entertainment. Our happy place is in the woods, off leash, hitting every mud puddle possible, and swimming...free of noise, timelines and electronics.